Astonish Store - 10L 2.6 Gallons Camping shower, Camp Shower, Portable Outdoor Camping
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10L 2.6 Gallons Camping shower, Camp Shower, Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag
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10L 2.6 Gallons Camping shower, Camp Shower, Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag

Rinse off sweat and dirt effortlessly after daylong outdoor sports. Made from seamless waterproof fabric, this compact camping shower bag can hold up to 11L of water at a time and is easy for you to refill via its large water inlet. It features a powerful foot pump to deliver strong water pressure for a soothing shower and a press-type nozzle for easy control of water flow. Ideal for camping, backpacking, rafting trips, music festivals, and adventure travel, all shower components stow in a durable, trail-ready carrying case that's effortless to pack in and out. Engineered with more in mind than just washing off backcountry grime,our product is a multi-use cleaning tool with enough water pressure and capacity to wash dishes, bath pets, rinse off gear, or water plants.

10L 2.6 Gallons Camping shower, Camp Shower, Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag Features:

  1. Effortless Foot Pump-With the newly-designed foot pump, this camp shower can deliver up to 10L / 2.6 Gallons of water at steady speed for the same refreshing shower outdoors as you take back at home.
  2. Press-Type Nozzle - This camping water shower bag allows you to easily control the water flow. Enjoy a soothing shower at your own pace and no need to worry about draining water.
  3. Leak-Proof - Seamlessly sewn up with high-grade waterproof fabric,the camping shower bag ensures great water tightness. Plus,a protective strap at the top prevents the cap and water from popping out.( Notice:There is a rubber ring inside the nozzle. If you lose the rubber ring accidentally when you open the nozzle, it will cause a leak.)
  4. Lightweight and portable- Easily fold or unfold your portable shower during your trip. The compact size and an included zipped carrying bag make this outdoor shower a solution handy and lightweight.
  5. Outdoor camping shower- A great summer travel shower for camping, road trip, cycling, and surfing. Works great as a pressure shower for washing cars, bathing pets, rinsing dishes,and watering plants as well.The shower generates heat from sitting in the sun and can be very hot.


  • Material: PVC
  • Instructions?Inflated by feet
  • Size for full of water:24*12*46 cm ( 9.4*4.7*18.1 inch ) . Volume: 11L/2.9 Gallons
  • The unique foot pump delivers strong water pressure to lift water to a height of 2 meters.
  • Easily control water flow thanks to the squeeze-type nozzle.
  • The waterproof fabric and protective belt on the lid contribute to watertight performance.
  • Comes with a zipped storage bag for mobility.
  • Applies to wash cars, bathing pets, rinsing dishes, gardening, and more
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