Astonish Store - Wooden Two Story Outdoor Deluxe XL Rabbit Bunny House Hutch Pet Cage
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Wooden Two Story Outdoor Deluxe XL Rabbit Bunny House Hutch Pet Cage
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Wooden Two Story Outdoor Deluxe XL Rabbit Bunny House Hutch Pet Cage

This two story pet hutch is a great product for any pet owner. It can be used for rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens or any other small animals. It also comes with a beautiful roof so it will protect from most weather conditions and your pets can feel the grass between their toes. Another great feature is the insulated walls which will protect your animals during cold winter nights or hot summer days. Plus, the interior design is smooth so there are no boundaries between the different levels of this habitat. You can easily bring in fresh plants or vegetables to make things more natural for your animals at home."'

Wooden Two Story Outdoor Deluxe XL Rabbit Bunny House Hutch Pet Cage Features:

  1. Comfortable and raised perches for animals: With the high perch, your little animals are kept warm, dry, and safe?especially on wet, chilly days. They are protected from the sun and have easy access to their nesting boxes without being in direct sunlight, which is helpful in the summer.
  2. Wire fencing and a removable tray: For simple cleaning, the bottom sliding tray is detachable. A healthy way of life for chickens is provided by high-quality wire fence. Even on rainy days, chickens may run outside with a roof. Fencing is essential for poultry ventilation and will safeguard your birds from outside predators.
  3. Large Area & Convenient Design: Two run boxes and a resting box are included with the 71" chicken coop. The higher dwelling space is accessible to chickens by two sliding doors and a ramp. To prevent your chickens from reversing their progress, there are wood ridges above the ramp. You will find it simpler to access any area of the chicken coop thanks to the design of the two doors, each of which has a metal locking mechanism.
  4. Weatherproof and long-lasting construction: The fir wood used to construct the chicken coop is treated with security weatherproof paint. The original wood is robust, durable, and healthful for animals. The cage is now waterproof, anti-corrosion, and unafraid of the sun thanks to paint. The coop will remain in your yard for many years.


  • Material: Firwood, metal wire
  • Color: plz see the pic, natural wood color
  • Over dimension of chicken coop: 67"x23x29?(The widest point is 71", including the position of the eaves above)
  • Plz check pic to get more detailed size info.
  • Weight:20.65kg/45.53lbls
  • Number of packages: 1

Package includes:

  • 1chicken coop
  • necessary hardware
  • 1xmanual
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